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The exquisite texture of paper-cutting and foil is like antique jewelry Like an ancient work of art. Wear the world of oriental modern with jewelry that flutters in the wind. KIRIE BIJOU is paper-cutting and paper jewelry. Finished with silver foil, gold foil, and platinum foil, the brilliance of precious metals remains the same. With its lightness, you can wear a bold design for a long time without any burden. You can enjoy the fashion of adults. Made of a material that completely repels water, it is durable and has an airy feel. It is a new type of jewelry that you cannot stop its lightness once you put it on.


Oriental modern jewelery revived in the present age that makes you feel the "flow of time" softly over time.
HAKU (箔)
A modern Japanese jewelery with a delicate openwork pattern, reminiscent of Florentine engraving and European Asian teak, but incorporating many traditional Japanese patterns such as cloisonne and hemp leaves.
GROSSE POXY is made more durable by coating. It has a transparent, oriental modern world view and a futuristic design.

A world of delicate paper-cutting with astringency finished with black lacquer. The glossy, black and quiet shine creates the charm of an adult.


Sprinkled with colored silver foil like sand, it shines like a mother-of-pearl. For butterflies, the dance of flapping butterflies can be used as jewelry. Miyavi is a gold leaf and platinum foil jewelry that is a condensed version of traditional Japanese patterns.


KIRIE BIJOU started from here. Airy as it is. Enjoy playfulness and art in your fashion as a delicate and elegant fashion while being paper. KIRIE BIJOU will be exhibiting in Paris from 2019, and will be exhibiting at industrial exhibitions such as who's next and Maison & Objet in 2020. Find your world from one-of-a-kind to classic with cutting-edge fashion style.

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